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Have you ever called an Agent from a portal and then suddenly the property you’re interested in is no longer available, and offered something else?

If so, you have just came across a fake listing!

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When a broker lied on a listing, it is likely that they would lie to you too..

Home buying and leasing can be a stressful process, but we take the guess work out of finding a real property. We’ll help you find the perfect match to purchase your ideal home.

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How to spot a fake listing

It probably is when you see a price that looks too good. A property well below your area’s going market rate should be an immediate red flag.

So how can you determine if a unit is at fair market value and not a scam? First, you should always research rent prices for units of relative location, size, and amenities to get a good idea of what particular area rents for.

While an asking rent amount below market is a sign of a potential scam, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the listing is scheming. Keep in mind that the property owner may not know the fair market rent rate, they might be renting the unit outside of the peak moving seasons, or the unit is flawed in some way.

Be on the lookout for fake listings with grainy photos. By taking a screenshot of the pictures and searching on Google Images, you can find out if it exists elsewhere. If the image shows up for another listing in a different location or an unrelated context, it’s a scam.

When a legitimate landlord writes up a compelling description of a real vacant apartment and posts the listing online, a scammer can very easily copy and paste the listing—but significantly lower the price. This is intended to generate furious interest, getting people to call asap.

Search the address online to see if other listings exist. You can even contact city hall to verify the owner of the property matches the contact info you have.

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